I love cooking for my family. Cooking can be relaxing, a chance to get my head in order, a time when I think through anything which has been worrying me. Obviously there are times when cooking is not so much fun, when Wonder Girl is fussy and either trying to climb on the worktop where I’m cooking or hanging off my legs trying to get me to pick her up.

One things for sure, I need my kitchen to be organised. Actually, I need everything to be organised but as this isn’t a blog about insane women who need to be in control, we can leave that one for now. Getting back to the point, I think an organised kitchen makes for better food and a less stressed chef.
Ideally I would have a large farmhouse kitchen with huge amounts of worktop space and an oversized hob with a double oven (in purple obviously). However since I’m neither a country girl nor loaded, I don’t. I have a city house kitchen diner with very little worktop space, but I love it regardless. So I need to be organised to make the most of my space.

Here are my top five tips for an organised kitchen;

1. Hang your saucepans. We have a rail with hooks on which we hang all our pans. This means they are accessible but don’t take up any space. I also think it adds character to our kitchen.

2. Attach a magnetic strip to a free, accessible wall. A long metal magnetic strip (available from most kitchen stores) is ideal for attaching knives, scissors, can openers etc. Again takes up no space and means your implements are on hand.

3. Organise your space around the way you work; kettle near teabags, toaster near bread bin etc. That way you won’t be making unnecessary trips around your kitchen.

4. Keep stock of your food. I have a list of the food I keep in my cupboards and simply replace it as it runs out. This makes meal planning much easier.

5. Make it pretty. I think a pretty kitchen inspires better food. I am a lucky girl and have a beautiful Kitchen Aid stand mixer and blender, which make me smile whenever I look at them (functional and pretty-the perfect combo). Add to that my cookery books, stripy hand painted storage jug and purple utensils and I am inspired by my kitchen. Do what it takes to make you love yours and you will want to spend more time in it.

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