As far as I know Super Kid generally behaves well at school. At parents evenings his teachers always give me glowing reports. He is doing well academically, listens well, doesn’t misbehave and has plenty of friends. However last week Super Kid did something which tarnished his record behaviour.

I arrived to pick up Super Kid at the end of school as usual. I was actually in a rush, having arranged to meet a friend in the park. It’s rare I go to the park after school because it’s a drive away and anyway I’m pretty keen on heading home for biscuits and a sneaky half an hour on the sofa. So it’s rare that I’m in a rush, which is probably where this whole thing started, I asked fate to make my afternoon easy and fate stuck two fingers up.

Super Kid’s teacher, a lovely newly qualified teacher who has a perminant look of startled rabbit about him, asked me if he could have a quick chat. So I sent the children to wrestle on the playground floor play nicely and waited.  Turns out it’s my first official, your child has been naughty and we need to deal with this together, talk. During lunchtime break Super Kid has locked most of the toilet cubicles from the inside, crawled out, and stood by to see what would happen.

I have told this story to quiet a few of my friends and the usual response is a snort and a giggle. So I feel less terrible that this was my instinctive response too. Turns out it’s not the response Super Kid’s teacher was looking for. In fact, as is appropriate, Super Kid had been taken to the staff room and given a serious talking to. Unfortunately he wasn’t duly repentant, which is why I was brought in.

In fact he seemed to consider leaving a few stalls unlocked during this prank as showing consideration of his fellow pupils need to use the loo. He couldn’t understand why he was being told off at all. So once at home later I bring the topic up with him at which point he goes all teenage and “it’s so unfair” and “I only did it for fun”. Unfortunately I am ill equipped to deal with the teenage attitude, as he is my eldest and I am accustomed to bottom wiping and boo boo kissing. Plus I hadn’t expected this for a good few years but then Super Kid always has been ahead of the game. So I mumble something about banning Nintendo if he behaves badly again and let him strop off to his room. Mummy fail.

So I turn to you my lovely readers, especially those of you with children over five. How do you deal with it when your child has done something wrong and is not only utterly unrepentant but also indignant at being told off? How should I handle the back chat, and general attitude that appears to come with my son turning six? How the heck do I parent a six year old?

six year old boy