I am a little teensy bit neurotic, or to put it another way, I am a completely uptight control freak! I think in part it’s to do with my complete inability to deal with stress. I like to keep my house/children/poor husband’s/life organised, that way I can keep myself calmer and avoid mental institutions (everyone needs a dream, right).

You see on the whole I am in charge of the running of our home ( I know how very 1950’s housewife of me, right) whilst Purple dad works extremely hard as an electrician to pay for it all. Though I must mention (because he reads) that he does help around the house too, what a hero (too much?). So anyway when I have a number of tasks that need completing e.g. hoover house, clean bathroom, prepare dinner, make costume for victorian day at school, keep children alive, my brain handles it differently to others.

I believe that others make a list, possibly a schedule for their tasks and then forget about them until needed.  I carry my to do list around like a huge rucksack, when a new task gets added it gets heavier and if it gets overloaded I tend to behave a bit like a nutter (well I am properly certified and everything). That goes for everything happening in my life, even fun stuff, so meet up with friends for drinks gets shoved on top of book dentist appointment and worries me all the same.

The only way for me to combat my inner nutter is to meticulously plan how I will handle each area of responsibility. So for example, clothing the children, I have a list of exactly what clothing my children need for each season, including shoes and coats. Then I can keep a check on their wardrobes and think ah Robo Boy only has 3 jumpers therefore I need to purchase one more. You see, this might seem over the top to some but to me this means that there is order in my (pixie addled) brain and I can feel calm about keeping on top of buying clothing.

So I have similar systems for most areas of my life and on the whole I keep it together. However I have always imagined that my closest friends, those privy to this insanity, simply tolerated the fact that their friend is a total head case. Imagine my surprise when a friend asked me for a copy of my comprehensive children’s clothing list. Then another. It turns out that some of my friends admire my organisation skills and want to develop their own systems.

Then my friend suggested that perhaps my lists would be of use to my blog readers. That I should publish them. I’m in two minds about this, part of me thinks this is a great idea, perhaps my readers would find this useful. Another part is fairly sure I will basically be publicaly announcing to all that I am a furry ball of neurosis and insanity to be avoided at all costs (not sure why furry, I’m not furry it just sounded better).

What do you think? Do you want my lists in your life ? Would my pricing a camping trip for a newbie camper be useful, how about my list of kitchen staples? Let me know and I will share or spare accordingly.


Wine helps with the neurosis.