When you’re pregnant you’re bombarded with lists of what to buy for your new baby. Usually included is a list of how many clothes to buy, helpful because it is so easy to buy too much in the excitement of shopping for your new arrival.

However once my children got older I found nothing advising on older children’s wardrobes.This is possibly because most women lose the crazy with the pregnancy hormones, not me, I’m special.  I made my own list.

I’m not completely crazy though, my list has been very useful. Like so many parents, my children’s wardrobes became overfull. A few bags of hand-me-downs, some shopping and clothing gifts soon added up until the wardrobes were stuffed. It was hard to find what we wanted each morning and the really nice stuff got lost in a sea of extra clothing.

I made this list over a year ago and it works. I am suprised how much less clothing they need than I thought. This means I can treat them to nicer, better quality pieces as I have less to buy. So if you’re still with me, and haven’t clicked over to a blog post about life being too short, or the joys of going with the flow, then I hope my list enhances your crazy like it has mine.

The List:

  • Trousers/skirts: 5.
  • Long sleeved t-shirts: 7.
  • Short sleeved t-shirts (summer): 7.
  • Jumpers: 4.
  • Dresses: 3 (each winter/summer).
  • Shorts (summer): 4.
  • Vests: 5.
  • Pants: 10.
  • Socks: 10 pairs.
  • Tights: 4 pairs (useful even for small boys in winter).
  • Pyjamas: 4.
  • Gillet (for spring/autumn).
  • Warm winter coat.
  • Decent waterproof.
  • Waterproof trousers.
  • Thermal trousers and top.
  • Swim costume/trunks.
  • Trainers.
  • School/smart shoes.
  • Wellys.
  • Sandals/Crocs (summer).
Knight costume

Obviously don’t forget that every child needs a knight costume.