When I think about Ethiopia I remember the 1984 famines. As a young child I watched Live Aid and they showed pictures of starving children, swollen bellies, covered in flies.  Ethiopia is a very different place now because whilst there is still poverty and hunger there is also hope. Schools have been built and are filled with passionate students, harvests have been planted and are carefully farmed, hope is sprouting throughout the country.

At the centre of this hope, this change, are Ethiopia’s women. Mothers, like me, determined to feed their families, striving for better. This week my friend and fellow blogger Jo at Single Slummy Mummy is in Ethiopia with World Vision as part of their Enough Food For Everyone IF campaign. I am proud and inspired to support her journey.

I would like to share a video with you. An interview with Leta Naezgi an inspirational single parent who works as part of a project aided by World Vision. She bakes and sells Injera a traditional yeast risen flatbread.




The thing which strikes me most about this interview is the pride Leta has because she can provide for herself and her family. Her happiness that her family is healthy and well fed. Sadly this isn’t the case for all families. One in eight people in the world go hungry every night, many of them children. This is scandalous and I urge you to add your voice to the plea for this to change.

How to help; 

  • Follow the trip online using #FoodFrontline and @SingleMum, @FoodStories and @HuntrGatherCook. We’ll have daily blogs and actions straight from Ethiopia.


  • Use your voice. Blog, tweet and share these stories with your friends, family and followers on social media. Make sure to use the hashtag #FoodFrontline and tweet us at @WorldVisionUK to let us know.


  • Email your MP (http://www.worldvision.org.uk/get-involved/campaigning/enough-food-for-everyone-if/email-your-mp/) and ask them to act on global hunger today. With the UK government soon to announce this year’s budget, we must urge leaders to prioritise ending the global food crisis.