This week has not been great for me. In fact to be honest it has been pretty darn rotten. To start with my brain has not been hanging out with a particularly good crowd. It has been spending far too much time with the You’re A Loser With Bad Hair Gang,  and the Panic Girl Cos Something Really Bad Is Going To Happen crew.  Then just when I was about ready to abandon all social contact and hide, something happened to make my week a teensy bit nicer.

I was dropping off my son at school when the head asked me if it would be possible for me to come in for a chat about previous concerns I had raised about Super Kid. No problem so far, but then she added and your blog. Um ok, sure, I agreed and we arranged a time.

So I headed home and FREAKED OUT. The head has read my blog, she is concerned about it, which part in particular? Would it be the posts in which I regularly discuss parenting and my general inaptitude at it? Perhaps the ones in which I discuss my mental health issues, including posts written from an honest to goodness mental hospital bed? Whatever it was I was pretty sure she didn’t want to meet to ask me for my menu planning tips or home made pizza recipe, so I was worried.

Then I thought about it some more (obsessive, me, never) and started to wonder what exactly my blog has to do with the school. The more I thought about it the more I realised that nothing constructive could come from having a discussion with the school about my blog. So in a moment of bravado I rang the school and left a message stating that any concerns over my son could be discussed at parents evening, and that I didn’t really want to discuss my blog with them.  I didn’t have to, right?

Wrong, the head called me back later that day urging me to meet with her, and this led to us discussing the blog over the phone. I say discussing, what actually happened was I blubbed, and freaked out and generally handled it badly. Which is great because I will be potentially be dealing with this lady for the next nine years as all my children go through the school. Way to go on making a good impression eh.

Anyway I think her main concerns where (and I’m trying very hard to be as accurate as possible);

1. That I used a teachers name in a post, which is a fair point (though I’m not sure whether legally this is an issue, if you know do leave me a comment) and I have since changed the post. I don’t usually use any names outside of the Purple family but I slipped up and won’t make this mistake again.

2. That I get my facts straight. In this post I talk about Super Kid being taken to the teachers office and given a serious talking too. As it turns out he was taken to the staff room and given a ‘rights respecting chat’. Now obviously I didn’t actually think that fingers had been wagged in my sons face, Super Kid attends an excellent school with fantastic pastural care, and I trust them implicitly. The post was tongue in cheek, you got that, right?

3. That other mothers from the school might identify with what I’m writing and this might make my life harder. I believe that this is the crux of the problem, and the cause of this delightful situation. I believe another mother from the school read this post, and took offence. Fair enough, it is a little offensive, a joke but perhaps not a well thought out one.

This is upsetting because obviously this person knows me and didn’t feel they could take it up with me, which would have been a much better way to resolve this.

As for the head’s concerns about any further mothers reading my blog and taking offence, perhaps she’s right, perhaps putting myself out here like this is risky in terms of my social standing. Though to be honest I’ve never been great at being popular and would have probably offended people in person if not on here. I tend towards a perminent foot in mouth style of socialising generally.

I’m still not sure entirely how I feel about this situation and the schools involvement. I’d love your opinion on all this, to help me get my thoughts straight. Did the school have a right to take an interest in my blog in this way? Have I crossed a line too far? Let me know what you think.

What do you think, inflammatory?

What do you think, inflammatory?