Last week I wrote this post, explaining the situation I was in with the school taking interest in the contents of my blog. I mentioned that I was pretty sure that another Mother had probably complained about it to the head. Within an hour of publishing the post I was on the school run, and another Mother let me know it was her concerns that had started all this. I respect that she came forward and it was good to know where this had come from.

She explained that a lot of Mums in the school are reading my blog, and she felt that my writing about the school put my son’s teacher in a vulnerable position (I  disagree). She felt that the things that I had written about were a criticism of the teachers methods. She warned me against upsetting other parents with my posts, and insinuated that if I continued to write what I write I will not be popular within the school.

At the time this was pretty upsetting, I felt cornered in a very public place and I didn’t really get to respond in anything other than a knee-jerk kind of way. Having gone away and thought about it though, I can use this as an opportunity for growth.

I really don’t think I can stop writing an honest account of my life, and thoughts on this blog. If I had to go down that path then I might as well quit blogging. After considering this option I remembered how much of a difference blogging has made to my life.It keeps me stimulated at a time when I’m at home with small children, it is therapy when my thoughts become dark and I am scared of my own company. It is a record of this time in my life that the whole family can look back on. Giving up would be devastating.

So not quitting, accepting that there may be some Mothers in school who don’t see that my words aren’t weapons, they are an attempt at humour. They are saying parenting is hard for me so don’t feel bad if it’s hard for you too, lets laugh about it together. The people who don’t get that are different to me, I, them, we, are all part of a colourful rainbow of thoughts, ideas and personalities who I hope can coexist in harmony.

Then my final concern, my children. It’s all very well for me to stand by my words, to keep being me, but they didn’t chose this and I don’t want suffering for them because of my writing. What if one day a school friend googles their names and reads my ramblings about  them, and teases them. I have to admit I have been very naive before all this and now I have to change.

So to my news, I have changed my children’s names on all my old posts and won’t be using their real names on my blog from now on. This caused much umming and errring over what on earth we would call them but with some ideas from the kids we have gone super hero themed. My eldest will be Super Kid, my middle and youngest son is Robo Boy (those that know him will know why) and my little girl is Wonder Girl.

So there you have it. Thanks to the Mum in the playground who sent me on a path of personal growth. Thanks to my readers encouragement, and support and thanks to my super husband who stands beside me when I say like it or don’t like it but this is me and I’m not going to change.