We’ve had membership to Bristol zoo since Super Kid, now six, was a toddler. Last summer we visited many times to follow the dinosaur trail in the first DinoZoo. This year the T Rex has returned with eleven new dinosaurs for DinoZoo 2. Myself and the rest of the Purple clan were lucky enough to be invited to the launch and a night time theatrical tour of the new Dinosaurs.

We started in Bristol Zoo’s Coral Canopy restaurant where we were introduced to a cute baby dinosaur by a dinosaur ranger.

Bristol DinoZoo 2


Then we headed off with our guide to see the new dinosaurs. The dinosaurs are amazing animatronic¬†creatures, which move and roar realistically. Even in broad daylight it is easy to pretend that they’re real. At night in the dark with

the roars echoing around the zoo I kept imagining them coming to life and roaming around.

Bristol DinoZoo 2I wouldn’t want to be this fella’s dentist.

Bristol DinoZoo 2

Bristol DinoZoo 2



The dinosaurs will be at Bristol Zoo until the 8th September and I would absolutely recommend paying them a visit.

*Disclosure: We were invited to the launch of the zoo free of charge in order to write this post. My opinions, as always, are my own.