When I was young, single and child free I had my hair coloured at the hairdressers. Now the idea of spending £50 plus on a dye job horrifies me. However I have mousy brown hair and I prefer to be a red head, so I colour my hair at home, which costs much less (I usually have change from a tenner).

At the retail park, a short ten min drive from my house, there is a huge Boots. I pop down there for all sorts from Calpol to make up, nappies to rice cakes. So today I headed there, with Wonder Girl and Robo Boy, to find some hair dye and a few other bits and bobs.

Boots shop front



I found the hair dye aisle and was pleased to find ammonia free hair dye. This is fab because I always prefer to avoid putting chemicals on my skin. I chose warmed terracota auburn.

Boots hair dye


Back at home the rice cakes I also bought in Boots distract the children whilst I apply the dye.

application Boots hair colour


My top tips for dying your hair at home are:

  • Change into a t-shirt you don’t mind getting dye on. Use an old towel and keep both just for hair dye sessions.
  • Cover your hair line to avoid getting dye on your skin. I use vaseline.
  • Divide your hair into sections and ensure you get an equal amount on each section.
  • Rub the hair dye in well, like shampooing.
  • Use an old flannel to make sure there is no dye remaining on your skin immediately after application.

Robo Boy pops into the bathroom mid application and tells me my hair looks beautiful. Erm ok son if you like the wet, foamy, tousled look.

Finally after much rinsing I use the included conditioner and fixer. Then dry my hair off and admire the end result. I like it, what do you think?

Finished Boots Hair Dye


* You can see my Google + Boots photo album here. 

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