A lot of people give money to charity. What’s often harder to find and give is your time. Imagine if you could use a working day to give your local community project or favourite charity your time. Imagine if every working person in the UK could do the same. That would mean roughly 3.36 million people all giving one day a year. This would add up to an impressive 64615 weeks work for charity across the nation. An amount of man power that would surely make a huge difference to the projects involved.

In fact that’s exactly what gas and electricity supplier SSE are doing. Each of their 22000 employees are given the opportunity to give one day of their working year to charity, or a community project. The project, titled ‘Community At Heart’ enables any organisations, charities or groups to borrow a team of hands, ideas, and skills completely free of charge from SSE.

Here is a video of a group of SSE workers who volunteered at Greyhound Rescue Fife. This sanctuary for greyhounds helps unwanted dogs nearing the end of their racing careers.

I’m sure you will agree that this is a fantastic project. One which if it were modelled by other UK companies could make a huge difference to charity support. If you are a charity or community group interested in help from SSE then you can contact them at volunteering@sse.com for more information.

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