Wonder Girl truelly loves her cuddly toys. One of her favourite games involves lining them up, reading them a story and feeding them play food. So for her second birthday I decided a teddy bear’s picnic was the ideal theme.

We’d planned to hold the party in park, with a gazebo to decorate.The British weather had other ideas and it was raining so we decided to hold it at home instead.

teddy bear's picnic


Purpledad decorated the house with bunting to give it an outdoorsy feel. He moved the furniture and used masking tape to secure picnic blankets to the floor. I cut lengths of ribbon so that each furry guest could be dressed up ready for the feast. They went into a jar labelled ribbon for teddy.

For the picnic itself I got some fab teddy bear face shaped boxes, you could also use brown paper bags stamped with teddy faces. I filled them with honey sandwiches, pom bear crisps, a teddy bear biscuit, a box of raisons and a juice box.

The teddy bear cake was amazing. I wish I was talented enough to make something like this but it was in fact made by the domestic goddess that is Knitty Mummy. She used a fabulous icing nozzle to make the fur. I will definitely be making some furry cakes soon to give it a try.

Purpledad printed off teddy bear colouring sheets, and we put them with crayons onto the childrens craft table which kept the children entertained until the picnic. After the picnic the grown ups took it in turns to blow bubbles while the children danced about in them. It was perfect and Wonder Girl had a huge smile throughout the party, happy toddler = happy Mummy.

2nd birthday party

2nd birthday cake

Teddy bears and toddler

Wonder Girl and all her guests.