*I’m a member of the Collective Bias Social Fabric community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their client.Β 

I love blogging. It gives me a place to share my thoughts, feelings and ideas with the world. I get to write and I get a response. This spurs me on to improve as a writer which in the long term I hope might lead to a career for me. I also get to be part of a wonderful community. Other people out there using their own corners of the internet to shout about whatever it is they’re passionate about. We’re connected though our blogs, and social media which means there’s always someone to talk to, online, whenever we need, amazing.

In just over two weeks I’ll get the opportunity to meet some of the women I’ve met through the blogging community. Some of whom I’ve met before and no doubt some new faces too. Β I’m headed to London to Β Cybher, a conference for women who blog. It’s my second time, having attended the very first Cybher last year, and I’m wetting myself with excitement Β  a teensy bit excited to be going again.

I’ll be arriving in London super early, spending the whole day learning from, networking with, and just generally hanging out with other lovely bloggers. After which I’ll be attending the Collective Bias sponsored cocktail after party, hoorah.

So with the conference ticket bought, trains and hotel booked the next thing to organise is my outfit. Luckily for me I managed to bag a Collective Bias shoppurtunity which meant I absolutely ‘had’ to buy myself something new for Cybher. So with the children safely at their Grandmas I headed to Debenhams to find the perfect outfit.

I have only ever shopped for clothes for the children in Debenhams. I am pleased to report a great selection of brands and styles in the womenswear department. Initially I thought I might buy a dress. I always like the idea of wearing a dress. I imagine finding the perfect 1950’s vintage style piece and wowing all who behold me. Obviously in this scenario my figure will be less weeble and more Marilyn Monroe’s hourglass. Back in reality, in Debenhams, I try several dresses and it quickly becomes clear that the dress hunt will probably lead to tears and I need a change of plan.

vintage dress

Not the look I was hoping for.

So I decided to stay a little more within my comfort zone and go for skinny jeans and a nice top. After all it’s going to be a long day and I want to be comfortable. So the quest for jeans begins. I find about five pairs of short leg skinny jeans and head to the changing room. The main thing I’m looking to avoid is baggy knees, never a good look on a skinny jean.

skinny jeans, baggy knees

I say NO to baggy knees!

Eventually after spending enough time in the changing room to incur some strange looks from the staff I find the perfect jeans. I also find two tops I like that I could wear with them to Cybher. I can’t decide which one to buy so obviously I buy them both.

Now I need your help. Which top should I wear to Cybher? You decide. Leave me a comment voting for your favourite and I will wear whatever the majority decides. Don’t leave me hanging as I’m terrible at making decisions.

Outfit A

Pineapple t-shirt

Am I a little too old to become one of the kids from fame?

Outfit B

Or the goose vest, are geese cool?

Or the goose vest, are geese cool?