megson when i was a lad review

We love music, we play it often and our tastes are very eclectic with folk, reggae, electronica, indie, punk and pop (amongst others) all getting equal airtime. Our children are engaged with the music we play and often get up to have a dance to their favourites.

We were sent a copy of Megson’s new album ‘When I Was A Lad’, aimed specifically at children, to listen to. Megson are a popular husband and wife folk duo. When they welcomed their daughter into the world in 2011 they took a break from music. Unable to stay away too long they have returned with this album which combines their new roles as parents with their musical passions.

The album is aimed at children but unlike a lot of children’s albums it’s pleasant listening for us adults too. The children quickly declare a favourite song each. Robo boy loves the up tempo traditional children’s folk song ‘Oats & Beans & Barley-o’. Super Kid prefers the gentle harmonies of “Jenny Jenkins”, as he says ‘he likes the ladies voice’. My husband and I love “All The Shops Have Fallen Down” a quirky, silly, song with a strong message about the fate of the English high street.

The children are big fans of the whole album and often ask for it on when we are driving in the car. As someone who already loves folk music I would definitely recommend this album to other parents.

*Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this album for free for the purposes of this review. This is no way affects my opinions.