good mum, bad mum days

I spent Saturday at a blogging conference. During the sessions an common piece of advice was that a successful blog needs a clearly defined niche. As I chatted to a friend afterwards she suggested that perhaps my niche could be ‘the outdoorsy Mum blog’ since I post a lot about our adventures outdoors. I thought about it and concluded that narrowing my topics down like this would feel restrictive. That it would leave little room for my posts about how I survived my toddlers tantrums by swigging wine liberally, bribing the children with chocolate and popping on kid’s TV.

I hope my ‘Mum blog’ tells the truth about parenting. That it’s an honest account of my experiences. So that any Mum who ends up here can identify with the joy and despair I experience on nearly every single day that I parent my three amazing children. In fact only today I have been a good parent and a bad parent, several times.

Today I was a bad parent when I shouted at Wonder Girl.

Wonder girl woke up in a bad mood this morning.

Hissy fit after hissy fit until neither of us really understood why she was clinging to my leg in floods of angry tears. She was screeching at a pitch that, in a workplace, would legally require ear protection (where’s the health and safety for Mum’s?) Half an hour later and I started to lose my cool.

“Why are you crying Wonder Girl, Mummy has to make Daddy’s lunch for work, be a good girl and play with your toys while I make Daddy’s packed lunch.”

“waaaaaaaahh, no Mummy no, sniffle sniffle”

I pick her up and she immediately scratches at my face with her sharp little nails. She has started to express her frustration this way recently, and I have to say I don’t love it. I plonk her on the floor and raise my voice and shout.

“Wonder Girl for goodness sake shush, there’s nothing wrong and Mummy is busy. Now go away and leave me alone.”

She looks at me as if she is frightened by this new tone of voice. She then bursts into floods of genuine tears and in between sniffles looks at me, as if she is deeply wounded by  my shouting. I feel like a terrible Mummy and grab her in a cuddle and we move on.

Today I was a good parent when I played with Super Kid.

When I picked up Super Kid from school today he was in a great mood. He asked if we could work together on a lego house he is building. So I headed upstairs with him to his room and discussed with him what he wanted me to do. We decided to build some furniture for the house and agreed that his lego men absolutely needed a corner sofa and some flower arrangements.

We sat side by side and built the furniture, exchanging ideas and passing each other bricks. It was wonderful, we were both happily engaged in the play and enjoying each others company. These are the moments that make the harder times infinitely worthwhile.

So no I won’t be getting any more niche on here. Perhaps that means I won’t be getting huge amounts of traffic, fame or awards. Honestly though I don’t care because I will be enjoying the blogging journey and am incredibly proud of what I have created regardless of my stats.