I love watching films and television. The escapism, the fantasy, the way you can be visually transported to any place, time or event through the power of the medium is massively appealing.

Last year we bought a new TV, our old one a large chunky model bought ten years previously needed replacing. We bought a Sony Smart TV and it’s great. This was early last year and now there is a range of even more exciting Sony Smart TV’s available with even more features. For example you can now use your one touch enabled smartphone to link with your TV by placing it against your supplied one touch enabled remote. This means you are able to enjoy all your favourite photos, videos, music and games on your TV screen. I’d love to see the films I’ve taken of my children on my phone on a decent sized screen and this would be such an easy way to do it.

There is now also an app called TV sideview which you can download to your smartphone or tablet. You can pair it with the new Sony Smart TV and use it to find out more about your favourite programs. You can also use it to share your favourite programs on twitter and keep your friends in the loop.

Since the smart TV’s are all wireless you can connect with your blueray player, smartphone, laptop and hifi to easily access all the media you have collected. If that isn’t enough content you will have access to the Sony Entertainment Network which I have on my current model. I can access films, catch up TV, and even browse the web. The only problem is finding the time to enjoy it all.

Smart TV
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