As regular readers will know I’ve been doing the 5-2 diet. My motivation for doing the diet was to lose a little weight as well as benefit from all the reported health benefits associated with intermittent fasting (see here for more details).

I did the 5-2 diet for two months, all of April and May. My motivation for giving up the 5-2 diet? On fast days I was hungry,irritable, moody, and did I mention hungry? I literally spent the whole day thinking about food, my hunger, and when I would next get to eat. In the end this massively outweighed any potential benefits the diet might offer.

The other thing that happened was binging. On the days when I wasn’t fasting I wanted to eat as much as possible, the deprivation of fasting made me want to eat EVERYTHING. Also the day before a fast always felt like the day before a diet starts, as in a last opportunity to eat as much as possible. So although I lost a little weight it wasn’t a huge amount considering how hard the diet had felt.

I think this diet could work for some people, those that cope well without eating and do not turn into a massive cow when their blood sugar levels drop. For me though an absolute mismatch.

I did want to find an alternative though. I know that with my passion for food that if I didn’t find some kind of plan I would gradually gain my way to needing a crane life out to the old folks home. So I discovered the eight hour window (for more info look here). The eight hour window is a different version of intermittent fasting where you essentially fast for 16 hours and eat for eight. The benefits are supposed to be similar and I have found it works a lot better for me.

I have been following the eight hour window for over a month now. I haven’t actually lost any weight. However I am still breastfeeding and my weight is within a healthy BMI anyway (9st 3 and 5ft 4) so this isn’t a massive issue for me. However I do generally eat whatever I fancy during my ‘window’ and I haven’t gained weight so it seems like a good weight maintenance plan long term.

So I will continue with the eight hour window, hopefully long term. It feels like a more natural way to eat for me, and with a bit of luck it is also benefitting my health.

eight hour window