I am an absolute sun worshipper. I love the way it puts a smile on everyones faces, and makes even the most mundane of activities more pleasant. Unfortunately therein lies my only issue with the sun. The pressure. If it’s sunny I feel like I need to be packing a magnificent picnic into a ginormous cool box and heading somewhere worthy of the weather.

I should be heading for the coast to frolic in the sea with my sun bleached hair (artistically ruffled by the sea water drying) and short sleeved wet suit (we are in the UK after all). I should be building entire sand cities with my delighted children.

Or possibly laid under a tree on a checkered blanket (a proper picnic one not an Ikea cheapy) in the countryside. A picnic in a wicker hamper and the children climbing trees like monkeys.

I should not be crashed out and sticky on my sofa watching child genius on the TV, imaging of course that my children probably have IQ’s in the top 0.1% of the country and the school simply haven’t noticed yet. I should not be eating stale jaffa cakes while my children find out what sinks in the paddling pool, turns out TV remotes definitely do by the way in case you were ever curious. None of these activities are worthy of the precious few gloriously sunny days we get in the UK.

Oh the pressure. So tell me do you fill your summer days with amazingly picturesque activities? Do tell me what you have done with the last week of sunshine and I can live vicariously through you.

the sun