Organix goodies

My children are big snackers. I get requests for snacks upwards of five times a day, and Robo Boy is the biggest culprit. It’s possible they get their love of food from me, as I am passionate about eating, though I am also equally passionate about the quality of food I eat. So it’s always been important to me to feed my children good quality, nutritious, and where possible organic food.

I started buying Organix snacks for Super Kid, now six, when he was less than a year old and blogging wasn’t even on my raider. Organix food, particularly the cereal bars have been on my weeky shopping list ever since so I am happy to review and recommend them to you.

I was lucky enough to receive a parcel of Organix foods for the children to try. We were sent

  • Organix Squeezys. 
  • The new range of cereal bars, strawberry & apple/apricot flavours.
  • Number jumble cereals.
  • Squeezy tubes.
  • Fruit funnies (fruit button snacks).
  • Raisons & apricots and raisons & apples.

The first thing the children wanted to try were bowls of the new number jumble cereals, which are shaped as numbers. Robo Boy and Wonder Girl  had theirs with milk but Super Kid was radical and ate his dry. They all gave them a thumbs up.

Over the last few weeks they have worked their way through the snacks. All have been given their seal of approval but the clear favourite was the squeezys and the squeezy tubes. I would recommend these snacks to busy parents who need convenient and good quality foods for their kids.

Organix also wanted me to mention another couple of things. Firstly the range of activity sheets which you can find on their Facebook page here. These are free to download and can give you something to do with your children over the summer holiday. Also on selected packs their are one million prizes to be won, again check the Facebook page for more details.

*Disclosure: I was sent a range of Organix goodies for my children to try. My views are my own and I was buying Organix food before I was given this opportunity.