The end of term is upon us. Robo Boy finished pre-school last week and Super Kid breaks up tomorrow. Six weeks stretch before us.Six whole weeks full of promise. Lazy mornings, adventures, time together and hopefully fun. So why is it then that I’m kinda terrified?

It makes no sense at all. I love my kids, I love being a Mum. I miss them when they’re at school and can’t wait to pick them up. Yet parenting can be such a mixed bag can’t it? Some days are just as you imagined in your pre-baby, idealistic time. You do fun things together, laugh, cuddle, and end the day feeling satisfied and proud. Other days the children are irritable, pressing all your buttons and you just about survive with the help of cartoons and valium (obviously by valium I mean chocolate biscuits). You end the day feeling a bit rubbish.

So the idea of six weeks which will inevitably be a mixed bag of those two types of day, and everything in between, is a little frightening to me. I am not a coper, I get easily stressed and exhausted and I really really want to give my children a good summer.

With this in mind I’ve made a plan. I’ve planned each week, leaving two days a week unplanned so we’re not too hectic and we all get a chance to rest. I’ve booked lots of different activities. Craft sessions at the library, days out with friends, big days out etc. This makes me feel a little more in control, and means we can look forward to the fun things we are going to do together.

So tell me, how are you approaching the summer holidays? Are you a planner, or more of a free spirit? I’d love to hear your ideas for enjoying the long summer and giving the children a summer to remember.

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