Macmillan children's books

The Purple family are all big book readers. Right from birth I have enjoyed snuggling up with them and sharing a book. I was very happy to receive some new children’s books from Macmillan to enjoy with the kids and share with you.

Zoe and Beans “How Many Pets’ and “Look At Me” by Chloe and Mick Inkpen;



“Look at me! I’m a bumble bee! What shall I be?”

Zoe and Beans books are beautifully illustrated board books for sharing with toddlers and young children. In “how many pets?” Zoe and Beans count animals from one to ten. Wonder Girl counts with me, and enjoys naming the animals.

In “look at me” Zoe and Beans find a dressing up box and enjoy dressing up and having make believe games. This is my favourite book of the two because Wonder Girl loves dressing up and pretending to be different characters so this story is perfect for her.

Wake Up Do Lydia Lou by Julia Donaldson, Illustrated by Karen George;



“The ghost said whoo! Wake up do, Lydia Lou! Wake From your dream and scream! But Lydia Lou didn’t wake up.” 

In fact nothing wakes Lydia as the ghost discovers when he enlists the help of some very noisy friends.

Julia Donaldson has been a firm favourite in the Purple house since we discovered The Gruffalo when Super Kid was a toddler. Her rhymes and storytelling are delightful and in this case are illustrated beautifully by Karen George.

The story is simple and easy to follow even for very young children. My children delight in speaking the repeating rhymes for me as we read the book.

Little Mouse’s Big Book Of Beasts by Emily Gravetts;



“The lion is a mighty king. He’s sharp of tooth And sharp of claw, Fleet of foot And loud of … Roar!”

This book is really unusual. Little mouse has found a book about ferocious beasts. They are a little too scary so little mouse covers scary bits, annotates and tears the book to make it easier to read. Each page has a rhyme about a different animal, as well as things to explore, flaps to lift etc.

I’ll be honest and tell you I didn’t love this book. I like a book with a clear story to read to the children, and found the format of this book frustrating. That said the children enjoy exploring this book for themselves, so it’s still a hit in this house.

Oliver Fibbs And The Giant Boy – Munching Bugs by Steve Hartley;



“Hi! I’m Oliver Ranulph Templeton Tibbs, mild mannered comic reader and EXTREME PIZZA – EATER. Also known as Oliver ‘fibbs’, just because I tell people I’m Dabman, the daring and brave, dashing and bold DEFENDER OF PLANET EARTH.”

Oliver Fibbs is the worlds biggest liar. Oliver Fibbs And The Giant Boy-Munching Bugs is the second book about Oliver Fibbs. Laugh out loud, comedy stories with comic strip style illustrations and accessible text.

We were lucky enough to receive this and the first Oliver Fibbs book Attack Of The Alien Brain for Super Kid to read and review. The books bright, interesting, illustrated cover immediately grabbed his attention and he took the first book straight away, curled up on the sofa and began to read. He loved it! Reading the second one as soon as he finished the first one, these books definitely engaged him.

I would absolutely recommend these books for aged 6 upwards, as Super Kid really enjoyed them.

*Disclaimer: I received the above books for the purposes of this review. However my opinions are always my own.