Tips For Visiting Peppa Pig WorldLike many toddlers, Wonder Girl enjoys watching Peppa Pig. There’s something about the simplicity of the characters and stories that are perfect for that age group. So I was really pleased to be invited to take my family to visit Peppa Pig World which is part of Paultons Park.


I knew that Peppa Pig World was going to be perfect for Wonder Girl and I was not disappointed, she was mesmerised. She absolutely loved everything about it, the rides, the characters, and visiting Peppa’s house and Madame Gazelles school house.

Peppa Pig World

Super Kid and Robo boy also enjoyed the rides in Peppa Pig World and there was plenty to keep them happy in the rest of Paultons Park. They even went on their first roller coaster, and loved it.

Paultons Park


Tips For Visiting Peppa Pig World:

tips for visiting peppa pig world-Buy your ticket in advance online. Tickets cost £3 less per person if you buy in advance online at £22.50 each or £86 for a family of four, children under 1 metre go free.

– Stay overnight and take advantage of the second day free offer. Basically you can visit Paultons Park two days in a row and only pay for the first day. Check out the Paultons Park website here for details of this and the advance tickets offer.

– Pack food, lunch, snacks and dinner. The food in Paultons Park is pretty standard theme park fare, not the healthiest or best quality to be honest. I recommend taking your own. Also if you pack dinner then you can stay until closing at 5.30 and have a car picnic, that way you can make the most of your time.

– Save your visit to Peppa Pig World for the afternoon. When the park opens the vast majority of people immediately rush to Peppa Pig World and the queues are long, around 30 mins per ride at least. Passing by Peppa Pig World in the afternoon I noticed that the queues were smaller, so visit the rest of Paultons Park first and Peppa Pig World in the afternoon.

– Visit the ‘other’ water play area. Muddy puddles in Peppa Pig World is great but gets very busy. On the other side of the park there is another water play area which is actually a little larger and less crowded.

– Try the ice-cream in Miss Rabbits Ice Cream Parlour. It’s the best soft ice cream I’ve ever had and it has sauce which runs as a stripe throughout it, yum.

So there you have it, my top tips for visiting Peppa Pig World. I would absolutely recommend Paultons Park for a fun family day out, particularly for children aged 2-10.

*Disclosure: I was provided with tickets for my family to visit Paultons Park in order to right this post. My views are, as always, my own.