Doc Mcstuffins reviewWonder Girl has a passion, verging on obsession for all things Doc Mcstuffins. Doc Mcstuffins is a Disney Junior channel TV programme about a little girl who is a doctor to toys. When she’s alone with the toys she uses her magic stethoscope to make them come to life, then she uses her doctors kit to treat them. In each episode their are always a couple of songs.

For some reason Wonder Girl loves this program. She requests it anytime she watches TV. When she’s not watching it she wears her very own Doc Mcstuffins stethoscope round her neck. She carries her doctors kit (all Doc Mcstuffins themed) round and gives check ups to anyone willing, including all her toys. So when I was offered the Doc Mcstuffins album, ‘The Doc Is In’ to review I had to say yes.

Well I have to admit I wasn’t prepared for what was to come. We mainly listen to our CD’s in the car so the next time we went out she asked to listen. She also insisted on holding the CD case tightly in her hands. We put on the CD and a look of pure joy came over her features, which stayed throughout the entire album. It was the kind of face I’d pull if given the chance to see The Red Hot Chilli Peppers perform a private concert for me in my living room, she was in Doc Mcstuffins heaven.

The songs are the ones from the TV program. I’ll admit they’re a little nauseatingly cheery, but they’re not aimed at me and Wonder Girl, who is after all the target audience, loves them all. Each song has a little wholesome healthy living tip, things like brush your teeth, take a nap and eat good food. The songs are very catchy and easy to learn and Wonder Girl and the boys all sing along to them, which is very cute.

Unfortunately we’re now no longer able to listen to any other CD in the car without Wonder Girl having a mini meltdown. The minute we get in the car she asks for it, usually accompanied by a groan from the boys as we have literally listened to it 50 plus times already. She always has to have the CD case clutched in her little hands, the whole thing is pretty darn adorable.

Doc Mcstuffins: The Doc Is In is available on Amazon for around £5. If you have little Doc Mcstuffins fans then I absolutely recommend it.

*Disclosure: we were given the Doc Mcstuffins CD for the purpose of this review. This doesn’t affect my review, which is honest.