Robo Boy started school this week, even though I’m putting my hands over my ears and singing “lalala it’s not happening” it is, and that is that. He had a very good first day and came home full of beans. Prior to him starting I attended a information meeting for parents. During the meeting there was a 15 min talk (I kid you not) about using name labels. The importance of name labels, everything needs to be labelled and if you don’t do it bad things will happen (well ok you will just lose stuff but that’s pretty bad).

In that moment I decided that my previous method of scrawling names on with a sharpie would not do. I was to be a mother of two school age children and I could do better. So I asked the almighty knowledge source that is Twitter and someone pointed me in the direction of EasyTag. Now getting excited about name labels probably isn’t really right for a women in her mid thirties with an active life, but get excited I did. When they arrived I was like a child with a new toy and I set to work straight away.

The EasyTag system consists of an applicator, buttons with your child’s name on, and backs. As you can see on the above picture the EasyTag applicator is like a crocodiles mouth.  You position a button in the top, a back in the bottom, push the two together on the desired item of clothing and viola it’s all done, and very satisfying it is too. With EasyTags I whipped through the labelling of two school uniforms, P.E kit, and coats in no time at all.

I think the best bit about EasyTags is that you can reuse the tags. So even though the initial cost is higher than your average name labels, at £19.95 for 25 tags and the applicator, once you have them then the only thing you need to buy is new backs. With the EasyTag backs only costing £4.95 for 25 you can whip the EasyTags off the old uniform and re-use them year after year, which makes the prices very reasonable.

I would absolutely recommend EasyTags. Easy application, reusable, effective and easy to identify I think they’re the best name labelling system available.

*Disclosure: I was provided with an EasyTag name labelling kit for the purposes of this review. My opinions are in no way influenced by this.