bristol juggling convention


Last weekend the Purple family took a trip to a circus convention. ‘Bristol Juggling Convention’, which I have been attending annually for the last 18 years (here’s a post from a previous year)!  This event’s been running for so long (this year was the 25th anniversary) that it’s almost like an annual family gathering. We’re a kooky lot with lots of big characters and less mainstream attitudes to life. I feel relaxed and able to be myself with my circus friends which is a break from the social awkwardness I often feel in my ‘other’  life.

The Purple children have all been going since they were babies. They know what to expect and they look forward to it. Super Kid and Robo Boy enjoyed masses of freedom, running round with the other children and discovering the convention for themselves. Wonder Girl liked meeting lots of new people, she’s a sociable little one, and also enjoyed another opportunity to spend time in our beautiful bell tent. Pulling me back there to “lets just go be in our tent house Mummy” regularly.

Bristol Juggling Convention

The view from our field


Bristol the number 1 juggling convention

Wonder Girl helps herself to hula hoops

There was plenty of time to play. Purpledad and I enjoyed a rare uninterrupted practise session one morning as the children played happily. We did some acrobalance  (I balance on Purpledad) and we were pleased to discover that despite being pretty rusty we could still do some of our old moves. Then we had a juggling session, passing clubs to each other, which is really good fun.

The children also enjoyed practising their circus skills. Super Kid practised diabalo, Wonder Girl had a go at tightrope walking and Robo Boy did this:

bristol the number 1 juggling convention


We all headed home on Sunday relaxed and happier for our weekend reconnecting with the circus.