microscooter two wheels or three


When Super Kid was three his grandma decided to buy him a scooter, being the control freak organised parent I am I asked her to let me do some research before she bought. Online and word of mouth research was conclusive, there was really only one contender for the job, the mini micro scooter. So Grandma being the diplomatic and wonderful person that she is followed my instructions and we never looked back. All three Purple children have had their own mini micro scooter and they have been well used.

mini micro scooter

Super Kid as a small aged six, and Robo Boy as a large aged four have started to look  too big for their beloved scooters so it was time to consider which scooter would be best to move onto. The mini micros are three wheeled, and I’ve seen larger three wheel scooters. On the other hand I’ve seen lots of their school friends on two wheels and I wonder whether this will be more challenging/fun for them.

Luckily for me the fabulous folks at Micro Scooter offered to send me one of each kind to try out. Giving me the opportunity to solve this dilemma with first hand experience.

The Maxi Micro Scooter:

maxi micro scooter


I gave Robo Boy this scooter to put through it’s paces. The maxi micro scooter is suitable for children aged 6-12, though it’s also fine for Robo Boy at four. It has an adjustable handle so the scooter can grow with him. It works much like the mini micro scooter, in that you tilt and lean to steer so there’s no learning curve for Robo Boy in moving up to this scooter. As with all micro scooters it’s solid and well made, designed to last. Retailing at £109.95 it’s not a cheap option. However I think it may well work out no more expensive to buy this than to buy a cheaper scooter that will need replacing in time as they inevitably have a shorter lifespan.

The Trixx:

Trixx micro scooter


I gave Super Kid the Trixx, he’s now six and I think it’s possibly more cool to scoot on two wheels than three amongst his peers. The Trixx is suitable for children aged 5-14 so it has a longer lifespan than the maxi micro. As the name suggests its a scooter for learning basic tricks and stunts, Super Kid can bounce on his and I’m sure he’ll expand his repertoire in time. It’s lightweight and works as well on the school run as it does on the skate park. It usually retails for  £119.95 but it’s currently on sale for £69.95.

The Conclusion:

I think that for children aged six upwards two wheels is the way to go. It’s cooler, and more challenging to scoot on two wheels and your child will probably be happy to continue with the same scooter into the teenage years. Whereas if you go with three wheels you may find you need to buy another scooter sooner.

That said Robo Boy has knee problems, so the maxi micro is actually far better suited to him. I don’t think he would cope well on two wheels and would find it frustrating and ultimately not want to scoot. The maxi is still a cool looking scooter (particularly if you let them choose the colour and accessories for it) and more ideal for less confident children of this age.

I’m really pleased with our scooters, and would absolutely recommend Micro Scooter as the place to go for good quality, long lasting scooters. I’ll leave you with a film of both boys enjoying their scooters at the local skate park.