Firstly I must apologise about the lack of personal posts recently. The last few weeks have been rather challenging. It started on a Sunday, Super Kid injured his ankle on a trip out to the playground so we decided to head home. When we arrived home and put the key in the door, it snapped, leaving us outside with no way to get in. Eventually we managed to get inside and all was well, until the next day.

Monday morning, never my favourite time of the week, and Super Kid couldn’t walk so we decided to keep him off school and run him down to the hospital to check it wasn’t too badly injured. Then Purple Dad popped out to his van, and discovered that over the weekend it had been broken into and all of his tools (Purpledad is an electrician) had been stolen. A phone call to the police and a a frantic week for him, trying to work whilst rebuying all the tools he needs. Luckily Super Kids ankle wasn’t broken and he was soon running around as usual.

Then finally on Friday we got a phone call from the agent from whom we rent our house. Our house is being sold! I was pretty fed up by this news as I love my house and the area we live in. We’re really settled and, with my health issues (I suffer from ME) and Purple Dad’s demanding business, now is not a good time to have to uproot.

That was two weeks ago and I’ve had some time to digest all that happened, and to make some decisions. We’ve decided it’s time to buy a house, if possible. Rents are rising, at a ridiculous rate, and we’d really like the security of our own home. Unfortunately I will have to compromise on location, as the area we rent in is ridiculously expensive and totally out of our reach. Hopefully we can find somewhere not to far away since the boys are at school here, and I don’t want to have to travel too far for the school run.

So as you can imagine with all this drama I’ve been only writing the commercial blog posts I’d already committed to, everything else has taken a back seat. The stress of house hunting, with the time limit imposed by the sale of my current house has been rather dragging me down. I’ve struggled to contain my emotions at times and I really need to calm down and go with the flow a little more.

If anyone has any advice on stress management in this type of situation I’d love to hear it. Equally leave me a comment with your top house buying tips.