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Earlier this week the Purple kids and I visited one of our favourite places, Yeo Valley organic ornamental gardens and tea rooms. Yeo Valley are working  with The National Trust with an on pack promotion giving away a break at  National Trust cottage as well as 250 family passes a day to visit National Trust sites. The competition runs for 12 weeks starting Oct 14th.

As regular readers will know I’m always happy to promote things which encourage families to spend more time outdoors. I think that being outside is key to good physical and mental health plus it’s also a really fun way to spend family time. We’ve had a national trust membership in the past, and enjoyed some really fun days out at their sites. I’ve written about a couple of our visits here, and here.  

In order for the Purple family to learn more about The National Trust and the list of 50 things to do before you’re 11 3/4 we were invited to spend the day with them at Yeo Valley. We made a good start on the 50 things list while we were there.

national trust


You can visit the 50 things website to find the full list of 50 activities to tackle as well as lots of other fun stuff. The Purple kids have managed to tick off 18 so far including the six we did at Yeo Valley which were:

  1. Build a den.
  2. Create some wild art.
  3. Make a grass trumpet (and may I add I managed this one as well and got rather more excited about it than someone aged 35 probably aught)
  4. Hold a scary beast.
  5. Find your way with a map and compass.
  6. Hunt for bugs.

national trust


national trust



*Disclosure : we spend a lovely day at Yeo Valley and received a good bag for the purposes of this post.