kiddicare dolls houseAs regular readers will know my first and second born were boys. Despite trying not to lead them towards toys based on their gender it naturally occurred that we ended up with a lot of ‘boyish’ toys. Train track, tool sets, and many many little toy cars filled our toy box, great fun for Purpledad but I must admit I wasn’t particularly enthralled by driving cars across the lounge. So I had always hoped that little Wonder Girl would one day want a dolls house, and was thrilled when she fell in love with the one at toddler group.

So when Kiddicare offered me the beautiful dolls house above I had to say yes, for her you understand not for me. The Buzzing Brains dolls house is very reasonably priced at £44.99, a bargain for a wooden dolls house. Also to help out a little bit more Kiddicare have a 342 offer running just in time to give santa a helping hand.

kiddicare dolls house


Inside the house is perfect for little hands to play with, it comes with plenty of furniture and two  posable dolls. The attic opens up to make playing in the upstairs rooms easier, which is good because Wonder Girls little dolls seem to spend an inordinate amount of time going to bed. The house is large enough to feel substantial and like a ‘proper’ dolls house, yet not so large that it would be hard to find a spot for it. Wonder Girl loves her new dolls house, and I would definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a mid range wooden dolls house suitable for younger children.

*Disclosure: We were sent the dolls house for the purposes of this review.