Sponsored Postgetting children's shoes fitted


The bones in children’s feet aren’t fully formed until they’re 18. For this reason it’s very easy for badly fitted shoes to cause damage to a child’s feet. I think that badly fitted shoes and damaged feet can lead to a walking style and gait that could affect any part of the body, such as the back or legs, to become damaged and painful. So when my first born Super Kid started walking I knew that I wanted to buy him shoes fitted by a trained children’s shoe fitter.

I bought those precious first shoes from Clarks, and I’ve bought the majority of my children’s shoes from there ever since. All the Purple children have extremely narrow feet, this is not a problem with fitted shoes which come in different width fittings. I get their feet checked about every three months, as recommended. I buy two pairs of shoes each child, generally something smart for school and a pair of trainers (also fitted). This way they don’t wear the same pair every day which is also better for foot health.

I’ve found the shoes very hardwearing.  At one point Super Kid’s feet didn’t grow for over a year and the shoes were still in pretty good shape after a years worth of playground football, scooter braking and running races. The designs also appeal to children, this year my boys got shoes with tiny toys secreted in the heels which is apparently very cool. Wonder Girl is sporting some shiny pink shoes which she thinks are wonderful, not sure I’d wear them but they make her smile when she puts them on each morning.

Clarks sell children’s shoes for children from their tentative early steps right up until they’re around 12. You can also buy Clarks shoes in John Lewis, and they have trained fitters to fit them for you.