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It seems like I’m constantly hearing about the rising price of energy bills on the news. As a household of five our energy bills could be sky high. However since we have always been concerned with protecting our environment, and have avoided wasting our resources, we manage to keep our energy bills at a reasonable level. These are my tips for saving energy and reducing your energy bills.

1. Wrap up warm. I recently bought a lovely snuggly purple (obviously) furry fleece. If I get cold at home before even thinking about turning on, or up the central heating, I put on my fleece. It keeps me nice and cosy and has the added advantage of making me feel like a giant purple teddy bear. I dress myself and the children in lots of layers, and we all wear slippers around the house to keep our feet warm. In the evenings you’ll often find us snuggled under blankets on the sofa, which is lovely and warm and much cheaper than turning on the gas fire.

2. If you’re not using it, turn it off. Lights, TV’s, computers etc all use power and all these little bit s soon add up. So we turn off lights when we’re not using them, and turn off (not too standby) all appliances when they’re not in use.

3. Insulate the house. Our first winter here Purpledad went around the house searching out drafts. He has used a variety of ways to stop them all. He uses expanding foam in cracks and holes that can be completely sealed. He has put a curtain in front of our drafty front door, and we use a particularly cute sausage dog draft excluder underneath it. The better insulated your house, the less heating you will need to pay for.

Your actions can help your energy expenditure and costs, but suppliers can help too. E.ON wants to actively encourage customers to save energy by reducing consumption. It might sound strange that they wants to sell less of their product but it’s certainly refreshing to know they’re as committed to environmental preservation as the rest of us.

In fact, E.ON has launched a special online tool to help you work out how you could make savings and there is a wealth of energy saving information on their website for customers who manage their account online. This falls under their Saving Energy Toolkit and can help you see how you use energy and where you could make positive changes. You can even compare your own figure with those of similar homes in the local area to see how you stack up against other E.ON customers. After all, a little healthy competition never hurt anyone!

How to reduce your energy bills


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