Robo Boy, you are amazing. My funny, loving, creative, cheeky little boy, I’m so lucky to be your Mum. Your fourth year has been a blast, you’ve learned so much and had such fun.

You did your last year at preschool, and there we saw your grow in confidence and independence. Away from being the little brother you made your own friendships with some really fun children. It was a pleasure to see this, especially how kind and considerate you became towards your favourite friends.

You were in a nativity play, a sheep. You took part in an Easter celebration, and stood up proudly as the baker, dressed in apron and chefs hat, in ‘hot cross buns’. You won the sack race in sports day, then whispered to me that you had figured out how to walk, rather than jump, in the sack!

You discovered a passion for drawing, and colouring. The worlds you imagine with your pencils are such fun. You drew the whole family, and when I tried to turn it upside down, you told me “no Mummy, we’re hanging from the sky”. You drew an amazing yellow dinosaur with a wonderful toothy smile. I love your drawings, they always make me smile.

You’ve made lots of progress with your swimming, and moved up into the stage two class. You are starting to swim on your own, and you look very confident in the water.

This year, perhaps the biggest news, you started school. You wore your new uniform proudly, and settled into your new classroom easily. A few weeks into the term I asked your teacher how you were doing and she replied “wonderfully, he’s lush”, yes my boy you’re definitely lush.

Happy birthday Robo Boy, I’m looking forward to seeing what you get up to next.