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This summer we went on our first static caravan holiday and we had a wonderful time. It was a great base for our holiday, comfortable, convenient and perfect for the children. So I’m happy to introduce a guest post from Haven about how convenient holiday parks are for a family holiday.

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No room in the car? Holiday parks can provide everything you need

Packing can be a real nightmare when you’re going on a big family holiday. Whether you’re just going away for a weekend or two whole weeks, packing can be quickly turn into a complicated operation. And it can often end up with stuffing extra jumpers and bedding into the car anywhere they’ll fit.

But what most people don’t realise is that when you stay on a Haven holiday park, many things are already provided – allowing you to spend less time packing and more time looking forward to your holiday!

Stop – put the pots, pans and cutlery down!

A week at a holiday park is a way to take a large family away on holiday on a low budget. And if you’re looking to save some money, you’ll probably want to cook a few meals yourself. Which inevitably means packing all sorts of pots, pans and cutlery, right?

Think again!

Haven holiday homes come with absolutely everything you need to cook a great meal for your family, be it plates, cutlery, pans and even boiled egg cups.

There’s even a kettle and cupboard stocked with mugs so that you can indulge in a hot cup of tea the minute you arrive.

Bedding? Leave it at home

Bedding can also take up a lot of room in your car. If you were going camping you’d need to take a sleeping bag for each person but when you stay on a holiday park, all your bedding can be there waiting for you when you arrive.

Depending on which caravan you book, bed linen will be freshly put out on your beds waiting for your arrival. And if it’s not automatically included in your holiday package, you can add it as an ‘optional extra’.

And towels? Simply add them to your ‘optional extras’

Towels also take up a lot of room in your suitcase. They’re big and bulky but they’re an essential item that you can’t do without. And if you’ve got a family of four or more, that’s a lot of space that will be taken up in your car.

Fortunately, if you’re staying in a Platinum Holiday Home or Luxury Lodge, towels will be included in the price of your holiday. And if you’re staying in another type of holiday home, you can add towels onto your holiday package through the ‘optional extras’ part of the booking process – saving you lots of space in your car and giving you that all important extra leg room on the journey!