give me strength

Robo Boy is wonderful, a real ray of sunshine and joy in my life. That said lately he is finding joy in things that I do not really find as wonderful as he does. Here’s a list of his current favourite activities:

  • Saying bum, pooh, bottom face etc
  • Making a very loud roaring sound which is both alarming and extremely irritating at the same time. It makes me jump and grates, might possibly be useful in a burglar alarm, not so much in a son.
  • Winding up his sister until she is as high as a kite and the two of them can run around together causing mayhem.
  • Winding up his brother until he snaps and lashes out, then crying about the injustice of it extremely loudly.
  • Not listening, to anything I say, ever!

The not listening to anything ever is especially delightful. It means we can have amazing conversations like this:

Me: “Wash your hands for dinner”

Me: “Robo Boy, wash your hands, it’s dinner time”

Me: “Robo Boy wash your hands, please don’t make me ask again”

Robo Boy: “What did you say Mum”

Me: (imploding quietly) “never mind”

I love Robo Boy and he has some amazing qualities, but his bum jokes and hyper craziness are not amongst them.

Give Me Strength