fun things to do with bubble wrap


I received a parcel recently and as well as the expected contents it contained several sheets of bubble wrap. I squirrelled it away, and last week I had the chance to find some fun things to do with bubble wrap.

First of all I taped the bubble wrap to my kitchen floor  (this is definitely an idea for an uncarpeted floor) and then I let Wonder Girl explore it. She jumped up and down on it, crawled on it, ran over it, popped it with her toes and of course spent a fair amount of time popping it with her fingers. She loved it, there were giggles and squeals of joy with each pop. So simple and so much fun.

Then I grabbed some pots of poster paint, and a large paintbrush and let her paint the bubble wrap.

fun with bubble wrap


She enthusiastically painted it, popped the painted bits, then painted some more.  Then we got a sheet of paper and pressed it onto the painted bubble wrap.

fun with bubble wrap


bubble wrap printing


It was a really easy, fun activity. She enjoyed this for over an hour and in fact didn’t want to stop when I had to pack away to collect the boys from school. Grab some bubble wrap and have fun.