santa scares wonder girl

Life has been a bit hectic over the last few weeks. Lots of Christmas preparation and activities have jostled for place alongside our regular life. Last week saw Robo Boy starring as a shepherd in in his Nativity. I say starring, actually there were about 15 shepherds but Robo Boy stood out by refusing to wear a headdress. There were a few other hurdles toward finding his inner shepherd, like concern over his pants being seen under his smock and the reality check that the donkey that carried Mary wasn’t really called Custard (as far as I know?) On the day he gave a wonderful performance as a funny face pulling, nose picking, occasionally joining in with the singing, shepherd, love him.

Next there was the school carol singing evening, which involves singing carols which have been pitched in a key best suited to small children. Meaning you are either mouthing the words silently, wailing like an injured cat when you hit gloria, or you have an amazing operatic voice and can totally pull it off (of course I go for cat personally, enthusiasm over talent). None the less it’s a lovely festive evening with teachers, kids and parents all enjoying the sense of school community that these events bring.

Beginning this week Wonder Girl had her toddler group Christmas party, which she was extremely excited about, mostly because there would be biscuits. The food was laid out on a long table and the children gathered, sat on tiny little red chairs, and jostled for chocolate fingers, satsumas and quavers. The children all ate, got up and carried on playing. All except for Wonder Girl who sat munching her way through the ‘buffet’ whilst the tables alongside her got cleared. Eventually she was eating on a lone chair at a lone table surrounded by Mums waiting to pounce with dustpans and brushes. I have absolutely no idea where she get that attitude to buffet from.

Yesterday I went to help at the school Christmas party. Thanks to the absolutely glorious Knitty Mummy (go see her blog if you want inspirational creative/crafty ideas) who had Wonder Girl for me, I was able to fulfil the boys desire for Mum to be at their Christmas party. So I doled out party food, and narrowly escaped a full lynching when I was left in charge of distributing fairy cakes and wafer biscuits. I tell you six year olds on sugar rushes can be terrifying little creatures.

Today I woke up with a full list of things I need to do to make Christmas happen (when did I go from participant to creator of Christmas?) None of the things sounded fun though so I took Wonder Girl out to lunch and pretended Christmas isn’t five days away. Later you will find me weeping into a roll of Sellotape whilst mumbling “don’t forget the mince pies” like a deranged Christmas elf.