super sam & mega max save christmas


Every Christmas we take the Purple children to see a live theatre show. We avoid the big theatre pantomime to avoid paying extortionate prices for ‘big’ names. Instead we tend toward something in one of Bristols more intimate theatres, where we will be treated to something less commercial and usually more creative, to boot. This year we were very lucky to be invited to see a Christmas show at The Tobacco Factory‘s Brewery Theatre, ‘Super Sam & Mega Max Save Christmas’.

Super Sam & Mega Max Save Christmas stars  physical comedy duo Rannel Theatre Company aka Matt Bailey and Joey D. These two are brilliant physical comedy performers, and this show is children’s comedy gold. At the start of the show we’re introduced to Sam and Max who are best friends and flat mates. Sam and Max both work as lollipop men, but they each have a big secret, even from each other, because Sam and Max are both superheroes with actual, real superpowers!

They soon need to turn into their superhero alter egos, when they each receive a phone call and a top secret mission. The Super Furry Bad Guy has stolen all the Christmas stars and our heroes need to rescue the stars and save the day, Christmas day in fact. The adventures they encounter and the way the story is told is very much like the play between small children, which is very endearing. Add in some accomplished physical comedy, and some ‘Flight Of The Concords’ style rapping, and this show is really very entertaining, even for the grown ups.

Favourite moments include Super Sam wrestling a soft toy crocodile, whilst writhing on the floor pretending to swim and running away from The Giant Robot (Max with a cardboard box on his head). This is where the shows brilliance lies, in not taking itself seriously, at all. The Super Furry Bad Guy’s entrance is classic low budget brilliance, and his vehicle of choice had me in stitches at its sheer ridiculousness.

Super Sam & Mega Max Save Christmas runs from now until Jan 5th with tickets costing £8 each ( family ticket discounts available). Its suitable for children aged two to six. I loved this show and would absolutely recommend it for Bristol families looking for some quality entertainment, and a lot of laughs over the Christmas break.

*Disclosure: I received tickets to see this show for the purposes of this review. I’m always honest, regardless.