Bristol, along with the rest of the UK, has been very wet and windy recently. We’ve spent lots of snuggly pyjama days at home, cosy family time which has been bliss. However as anyone with small children knows children need exercise, and time outdoors, otherwise they start to climb the walls. They get stir crazy, and drive their parents even crazier.

After a run of five days of wet weather we had a dry day, last week, and we decided to visit the zoo.



We’ve had annual membership to Bristol Zoo since Super Kid was a baby. It’s fairly local and with the animals, a playground and a water play area, it’s handy to have passes and pop in regularly. So as usual our first port of call was the flamingos, near the entrance. To be honest as pretty as flamingos are, they can be a bit dull. In fact in the six years that I’ve been visiting the zoo I’ve never seen them do anything more exciting than stand on one leg in the water, or on land.

Not on this day, this day there was stuff going down in the flamingo enclosure. Some bad ass flamingo had decided they were going to stir it up a little, and this had really upset some of the more genteel flamingos. They were riled and what did they do to show it? Tell us? I hear you fascinated flamingo obsessed readers enquire.  Well they did what any upset pink bird would do and first up they showed the underside of their wings. Yes they opened their wings and showed those feathers. The flamingo version of middle finger perhaps?

Next they really made their point. They showed that bad ass who was boss. They moved their heads from side to side in a most agitated fashion. It was an extremely bizarre sight, as if the flamingos where watching invisible tennis. Finally, they chased the bad ass out of the flock. Then obviously the rogue flamingo would return, and the whole shenanigan started up again, and again, never have I seen such upset flamingos.


Anyway, before you all speed dial my psychiatrist I’ll shut up about flamingos, and before you pedants start hassling me about anthropomorphising I was only kidding yo.

Anyway I really don’t know where to go with a blog post which has focussed so much on flamingo behaviour so I’ll leave you with some pictures from our day.

bristol zoo

bristol zoo