healthy snack box for children


My children each eat three meals and two snacks a day. Even with the eldest two at school that works out as 32 snacks I need to provide each week. I was struggling to keep on top of stocking the snacks, and ensuring that they make healthy choices, so I decided to try a new system. It’s worked out brilliantly so I’m sharing it with you. Basically I’ve made a bag which is stocked with snacks and the children are allowed to choose from it for themselves every snack time.

How to stock a healthy snack bag:

Firstly I bought a medium sized zip up food bag. It’s easy for the children to get out of the cupboard for themselves. I also bought lots of small Tupperwares for holding the healthy snacks.

Next I decided what snacks I wanted my children to be eating. What my children eat is very important to me, as I think it affects health, mood and energy levels. So I wanted everything to be healthy, but also appealing to the children. I decided on small flavoured rice cakes, which you can buy in the baby food section at the supermarket. I also chose cereal bars, I buy Organix bars as they don’t contain any sugar. I am also going to offer a dried fruit option, so either raisons, apricots, mango, pineapple etc or dried fruit snacks like roll ups.

Next I took the snacks and divided them into small portions. So for example I took the bags of rice cakes and put four in each of my small tupperwares. I also filled tiny pots with raisons.

healthy snack bag for children


So I buy a weeks worth of healthy snacks with my weekly supermarket shop. Spend ten mins or so dividing them up and fill the snack bag which holds about four days worth, so needs restocking once a week.

This is a really great solution to making sure I always have something healthy in the house for the children to snack on. It’s also portable since it’s a bag with a strap so when we go out for the day we can just grab it and we’ll always have something on us when they get hungry. I’m really happy with our snack bag, and I hope this post has been useful for you too.