review reef 2: high tide


We love snuggling up together to watch a family film so I was pleased to be asked to review ‘Reef 2: High Tide’. Reef 2  is about a courageous little fish named Pi who has to defend his home, the reef, from a nasty shark named Troy and his gang of equally mean shark friends. When Pi hears about the threat to the reef from the sharks he decides to train the other fish in the martial art of ‘fish-fu’. However a small shark named Rony, whom Troy has captured and is bribing for his freedom, is sent into the reef in disguise to sabotage the training, with disastrous results!

The Purple children really enjoyed this film, and it held their attention from start to finish, which is always a good sign. I want to be completely honest and admit that as a grown up I didn’t love this film in the way that I would a film that has paid more attention to the adult audience as well as the children. That being said not all films have to cater to both and as a children’s film ‘Reef 2: High Tide’ is a resounding success.

‘Reef 2: High Tide’ is being released on February 17th,  just in time to keep your children entertained over half term. It’s reasonably priced at £8, and you can pre-order from Amazon here.

*Disclosure: I was provided with a copy of Reef 2: High Tide for the purposes of this review.