As I’ve mentioned recently life has been a tad stressful over the last few months. The happy purple pixies have been a little sad, the rainbow which normally  covers our home has lacked its usual shine. We needed a break.

As luck would have it we’d already planned a weekend away, and last weekend saw us head to Ironbridge for a good friends annual birthday celebration. We stayed with a collection of old friends, newer friends and soon to be friends in this youth hostel. We had the place to ourselves, and it provided the perfect base for the celebration. We relaxed, played games, shared food (and a glass of wine or two) and caught up on each others lives. When we needed some air we strolled along the extremely swollen river Seven to find the Ironbridge.

It was a wonderful weekend and provided exactly the kind of headspace we needed, as well as a reminder that ,whatever happens along the way ,life is about love, laughter and fun.

Here are some pictures from our trip.