waiting for summer


I was recently sent a copy of ‘Waiting For Summer’ by Anna-Maria Athanasiou to review. Leeds born Anna moved to Cyprus 18 years ago when she married a Greek Cypriot. When the couple’s two children got older she found herself with extra time, and used it to secretly write this novel. Writing late into the evening and early in the morning no-one knew she had written it, until her visiting brother discovered it on a memory stick.

The story is set in Cyprus, and tells the story of Slyvie Sapphiris whose life is thrown into turmoil when she discovers text messages from another women on her husbands phone. Honestly I found this book a little cheesy, and Mills & Boon. This is not necessarily a bad thing since this genre is very popular, and if you enjoy this kind of romance novel then I’m sure you would enjoy this book. It’s a decent length and would be perfect for taking on holiday to read whilst lounging by the pool.

*Disclosure: I was sent this book for the purposes of this review.