Galt Toys


Having bought Galt Toys jigsaws and craft sets previously for my children I was delighted to say yes when they asked if the Purple family would like to do a review for them. I went onto their website and chose several things for us to enjoy. I chose a sock rabbit kit, robo foil art kit, a game, squeeze and brush brushes and a rainbow block of paper for painting on.

Squeeze n Brush

Galt Toys squeeze n brush


I really like the concept of squeeze n brush. It’s a refillable paint filled tube with a brush on the end. You squeeze the tube for paint to cover the brush and then you can paint. I really like the idea because it cuts down on the paint waste you get when you use pots, since any you don’t use simply stays in the brush until next time you paint. Wonder Girl is perhaps a little young as she mostly just wanted to squeeze all the paint out of the brush. I think they’ll be ideal for the older children.

Whatever Next

I’m afraid I don’t have a photo of this one because I was too busy joining in and having fun! The game is simple enough that even my two year old can join in (though it’s officially recommended for five plus), basically you move around the board using dice. When you land on particular squares you pick up a card and complete it’s instructions, the tasks are fun things like pretending to snore, not speaking until your next turn or pretending to be a baby. It was really fun, and the children definitely enjoyed it, this is a Purple family recommended game.

Sock Rabbit Kit

Galt Toys sock rabbit kit


Super Kid really enjoys sewing, and as keen as I am to encourage such a relaxing (and useful) activity I’m not actually very good at it myself. So I’ve been meaning to buy him a make your own toy sewing kit for a while,  with instructions that perhaps even a useless 30 something could follow. This kit is great for him, its challenging without being too difficult. You have to stuff it, sew the arms, head and body together as well as sewing on a face. The end result is a very cute sock rabbit and a very proud seven year old.

Robo Foil Art

Galt Toys robo foil art


Robo Boy has always loved robots and the Galt Toys robot range is perfect for him. I chose this foil art kit and I was really pleased with it. The robots are sticky and you use the foil sheets to rub the metallic colours onto them, then add details like eyes etc using the included stickers. Robo Boy really enjoyed doing this, and was so proud of his finished robots that he took them into school to show all his friends.


I’m really pleased with all the Galt Toys products we were sent. The children have had a lot of fun and I think craft sets and games are a great way for us to spend family time.

*Disclosure: I was sent these products from Galt Toys for the purposes of this review. My reviews are always honest.