I had been labouring for 10 hours. Desperate for a natural birth after my previous c-section, things were looking hopeless. My cytosine boosted contractions appeared to be having no affect at all on my cervix and I hadn’t progressed beyond 2cm. The doctors provisionally booked me into theatre, but gave me a few hours to progress. Then a shift change and into the room walked the sunniest midwife you can imagine. She brought with her hope, calm and optimism. Two hours later, a check, fully dilated and I pushed my beautiful boy into the world myself, it was amazing.

no child born to die


Unfortunately not every mother and baby are so lucky. Every year 2.9 million babies die in their first month. These deaths account for nearly half of all under five deaths. The sad truth is that most of these deaths are preventable, these mothers need a trained and equipped midwife with basic medicines, vital equipment and a clean delivery room. This should be a standard, around the world, for all women. Every babies first day should be a time of joy and hope, and we can help to make this possible.

This year countries and institutions from around the world are meeting to sit down and agree the Every Newborn Action Plan. We need to let these leaders know that we are calling them to use this opportunity to take action and ensure that every baby is born with the support of a trained and equipped midwife. This is the No Child Born To Die campaign, and I’m asking you to support it, please.

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