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I love pyjamas


I love Pyjamas! I’m aware that it’s usual to enjoy the comfort, and relaxed state that pyjamas facilitate. That said I really don’t think that it’s particularly usual to rarely see past 6pm in regular clothes. As soon as I’m home with no other social/work commitments I hit the elasticated waisted, soft, comforting PJ’s, often paired with my onsie, how lucky is Purple Dad eh?

Pyjamas give you permission to slow down. No-one ever did anything rushed in a pair of pyjamas. Pyjamas say bed, duvet, biscuits, large cups of steaming tea. Pyjamas whisper you’re done for the day, take care of yourself, put your feet up. In fact is there a more lovely proposition than a lovely warm bath followed by slipping into a fresh pair?

In fact I even love pyjama shopping. I find myself lingering in lingerie, but I’m not to be found salivating over a delicate, lacy bra and pants, no I’m more likely to be stroking the brushed cotton PJ bottoms, and eyeing up the matching ‘loungewear’ hoody. I have to be restrained or there would be no room in my wardrobe for anything that it’s acceptable to wear on the school run.

It was unfair of Frette to ask me to write this sponsored post. It was a red rag to a bull and I barely resisted clicking order when I spied the pair in the picture above, if you look closely you will see they have a purple ribbon trim, heaven in viscose. They also have some rather more come hither nightdresses in their collection if that’s your cup of tea but after 13 years of marriage I’m rather more of a cuddle up in something thats keeping the cold out girl.

Anyway it’s possible I’ve exhausted the number of words anyone should ever use to talk pyjamas (did I mention I love pyjamas?)  so I shall talk briefly about the topic for which this post is being sponsored. Frette have a wonderfully easy to navigate website selling luxurious items for the home, gifts and of course pyjamas. Go take a look, I mean after all who doesn’t love drooling over home wear?