The Mum Taxi


Monday’s find me hot and bothered in the subtropical climate of the swimming pool viewing gallery, watching the boys do their weekly lessons. This ensures that I’m just the right amount of stressed when the boys won’t get changed, snapping wet swimming trunks at each other playing the ‘who can make Mum shout first’ game.

Tuesdays I take Wonder Girl to her daytime toddler swimming class. What could be more fun than catching an enthusiastic toddler launching herself at you from the side of the pool, all the while poised to escape the suspiciously warm pool if one of the other kids decides it’s pooping time! Then the fun of Tuesday isn’t over,  next up is walking Super Kid to his ballet class, with both of the other children, dropping him off and making sure the other children don’t step on a lycra clad child attempting the splits dangerously close to the doorway.

Wednesday see’s me at the same location for Robo Boy’s street dance class, not long enough to leave him. So I get to feel pride that comes with having enough mobile devises to entertain both the other children with screen based activities for half an hour. Slack jaws and glazed eyes all round.

Thursday brings toddler gymnastics class all brightly coloured plastic equipment, enthusiastic teachers and singing.  Enjoyable time with my daughter normally, but if I’ve decided to have a sneaky glass of wine on the previous night it’s hangover hell.

Friday’s I get a day off  however I have to do the usual school runs, twice a day, accompanied by Wonder Girl who may of may not decide she doesn’t want to walk and instead would prefer to throw a hissy fit in the middle of the playground.

Saturday morning used to consist of a lazy lie in followed by brunch in a local cafe. This has been replaced by us dividing and conquering, as Mr Purple takes Super Kid to his football class, and I accompany Robo Boy to his singing, dancing and drama class. Then the rest of the weekend generally passes by in a blur of kid’s parties, essential energy burning trips to the park, and negotiations over who’s taking which child to what!

The strange thing is I really like my life right now. In between all this we have family time which leaves me warm and happy inside. The children enjoy their activities, have chosen themselves, and are entirely free to quit or change them at any time. I think we have enough going on now though, Mum’s taxi couldn’t take anymore.

Is this schedule average? What do your children take part in, and how do you manage juggling multiple children’s social activities? Share please, perhaps I’m missing a trick.