We’re officially homeowners! Last Friday the solicitors did their business with the bank etc and we completed on the new house. We’re homeowners and to be honest it still feels pretty surreal. I’m sure it will sink in soon.

One of the most fun things about buying the house is that we can make changes, put our own stamp on the place. Mr Purple has been scribbling in his planning book, and we’ve been having conversations about light fittings and the location of the toilet (in front of the TV obviously). As a tradesman (Mr Purple is an electrician) and a generally handy handed bloke he is the man who can have ideas and manage to execute them before I even have to think of nagging. I’m a lucky girl.

So our plans for the house immediately

  • Taking up all the downstairs carpets, sanding and treating the floorboards. Strip wooden floors.
  • Rejigging the kitchen to fit a in range!!! (hopefully in duck egg blue) and maximise the use of the (rather small) space.
  • A new bathroom – via a bath from a building mate, re-use of the toilet and sink and some new tiling. Budget bathroom chic.
  • Taking out an entire wall of fitted wardrobes in the boys room.
  • A rewire, obviously since Mr Purple’s an electrician.
  • Some painting, the house hasn’t been well ventilated and the paintwork has some black bits.


  • Painting the kid’s rooms and having the creatively gifted Kath from Knitty Mummy paint murals on the walls.
  • An office under the stairs for Mr Purple, no we’re not doing a Harry Potter, we’re opening it up and making use of the extra space.
  • General garden stuff, left to Mr Purple who can make any green space divine with a little time and lots of bags of soil and compost.

Not sure when: 

  • A wood burner downstairs. Very exciting.

I’m sure, in time we will come up with many more ideas for the house. For now though we’re enjoying the warm glow inside which comes from having a place to call our own.