needle felted fairy


Regular readers will probably be a little surprised by the appearance of a craft post on my blog. I’ve always avoided crafting for two reasons, one I’m really bad at it, and two I’m really really bad at it. However since my M.E diagnosis I’ve decided to reconsider that decision. I need to spend regular time every day resting. Since I’m not particularly good at committing to doing nothing crafting is the perfect ‘sat on my bottom but still feeling productive’ distraction for me.

So I asked my good, and extremely crafty, friend Kath from knittymummy for a starter craft. A craft from which I could get a feel good, I made that buzz without needing to be skilled. She handed over her needle felting kit. So, feeling a little daunted, I sat down, Googled a bit to ascertain how I should get started, hit Pinterest for ideas, stabbed myself in the thumb a few times, said ouch and began my first needle felting project.  I made this.

needle felting


Shocked and pleased that I’d produced something, first time, that I was happy to display in my home I decided to invest in my own kit. I’ve made a couple more Pinterest inspired pieces, but after failing to find a needle felted fairy I liked I decided to freestyle it, and I’m pretty pleased with the results. Wonder Girl loves her new fairy, and zooms it around the house with glee, apparently fairies fly like rockets.

Here is my basic guide to the incredibly complicated (requiring no skill whatsoever but just don’t tell anyone) art of needle felting.

You will need:

  • A foam mat to work on/avoid stabbing yourself in the leg.
  • Coloured felt wool, I bought basic colours and have added to my stash with each new project.
  • Felting needles.
  • A felting needle holder, which means you can use more than needle at once.

To get started:

Grab enough wool to start making the shape you are starting with. I would suggest a ball shaped decoration is a good starter project as making a ball is easy and good practise for other shapes. Stab felt wool (not finger) repeatedly until it holds together firmly, add layers of wool until you achieve your desired shape and size. For smaller details use a single needle and larger pieces the loaded needle holder.

That really is all you need to know. Happy felting.