125-Pin-Today I took the children to The Brewery Theatre at The Tobacco Factory to see Hiccup Theatre’s production of Pinocchio. This new version of Pinocchio has been written by British children’s author Michael Rosen, and is suitable for children ages 3 +.

There are four actors in Pinocchio, and they start the show with a rousing tune about storytelling. The musical numbers are my favourite part of the show. The talented cast all play multiple instruments and sing really well, and the wonderfully written songs are very entertaining.

This adaptation of Pinocchio is perfectly done for young children. It’s engaging, and keeps my children spellbound throughout. I particularly enjoyed the scene where the cat and the fox, with strong cockney accents, persuade Pinocchio to bury his gold coins in order to grow gold coin trees, when,of course, they plan to steal the gold when he’s gone. The Fox and Cat are as shady as it gets and very funny to watch.

The use of puppet and human actor to play Pinocchio is introduced well and works brilliantly throughout the show. The wooden puppet is wonderful, and the puppetry is good, convincing me that the wooden boy is really alive. He also has a very funny growing nose, which the children giggled about.

If I had any criticism of the show it would be that some parts didn’t feel as smooth, or well rehearsed as they could’ve been. The use of a cart, which was climbed on, and through at times, felt a little clumsy and I found that a little distracting. There is also a shadow puppet section which, whilst a lovely idea, isn’t really as good as it could be.  However since this is only the second date on their tour and I’m sure they’ll iron out these things as the run continues.

I would recommend Hiccup’s production of Pinocchio to families. If you’re in Bristol it’s on at The Tobacco Factory Brewery Theatre until Sunday with two shows a day at 11 and 2, and tickets priced at a reasonable £7. A perfect family treat for the Easter break. Otherwise check Hiccup’s website for details of future tour locations.



*Disclosure: I was provided with tickets for Hiccup Theatre’s Pinocchio for the purposes of this review.