Wonder Girl you’re awesome, living up to your nickname absolutely. You’re funny, quick, sweet and sensitive. I’m incredibly proud that you’re my daughter and I’m enjoying watching you grow into a really special little lady.

You play brilliantly with other children, already naming your favourite friends regularly and showing me, and them, how important they are to you.  You also love socialising with adults, charming friends and family regularly with your confidence and joy for life.  You always have something to say, or share, you remember everyone’s name and make everyone feel very special. This is a lovely gift.

You’ve done brilliantly in your swimming lessons. Swimming unaided from the teachers arms to mine, a fair distance for such a small one. You enthusiastically try everything you’re asked in swimming and gymnastics lessons, cooperative and spirited which is a perfect combination.

Never short of a cuddle for anyone who needs one, and I’m the lucky Mummy who gets lots every day, I treasure them all.

I have to admit my TV addict tendencies seem to have been passed down. You love cuddling up on the sofa with a favourite show. This years favourites have been ‘Everything’s Rosie’, ‘Peppa Pig’, ‘Somethings Special’ and your absolute obsession ‘Doc Mcstuffins’. Your favourite films this year are ‘Rapunzel’ and ‘Frozen’ which by my calculations we’ve watched nearly every day this week!

You love your toy kitchen, Doc Mcstuffins doctors bag, and all your dolls and softies. You build dens and fill them with wooden food for your toys. As you play you sing, sometimes songs from church or your favourite films, other times you make up your own. Very cute.

Happy Birthday Wonder Girl, I hope this year brings you happiness, fun and adventure. Lots of Love Mummy.