The Black Eagles at Camp Bestival last year.

When I was a working circus artist I always made sure we had a few gigs each summer performing at festivals. I’ve always loved going, and have some great memories of performing, hanging out with friends and seeing new and unusual acts at festivals.

In fact one memory stays with me strongly now, despite it happening over ten years ago. I was at The Green Gathering performing during the day as a daisy (yes, and?) It was my birthday during the festival, so one night some friends and I had a bit of a party, a few shots of tequila and then headed out into the festival. We saw a man carrying a backpack, onto which was fixed a large electronic board which had electronic/laser graphics on it as a display. We decided it would be fun to follow him for a while, and so he became like our pied piper for around half an hour. As we followed we started a little dialogue with him about how much we appreciated his display. That’s when it got a little weirder. He had a little gong and when responding to us he would first bang his little gong, then reply always using the prefix “Laser Man…”. So for example “(bangs gong) Laser Man appreciates your appreciation”, “Laser Man is not entirely sure which way he is leading you”, etc.

I could bore you stupid with many other fun memories but I guess you get the point. The unexpected, the beautiful, the unique, the amazing, these are all to be found whilst camping in a festival with hundreds or thousands (or in some cases even millions) of others all looking to escape their usual for a while. I don’t go looking for the big name headliners, I go looking for those little ‘Laser Man’ moments, seeing and experiencing things which enrich my perception and life going forward.

So it’s actually a little sad that I haven’t managed to attend a festival since having my eldest baby seven years ago. To be honest I’ve been a little nervous about festival attendance with children, and despite being recommended various family friendly festivals by friends haven’t quiet got round to it yet. Still better late than never and this year I am ridiculously overexcited to the point of hysteria  very excited to announce that we’re going to Camp Bestival, as official bloggers for the event! This means I’ll be getting tickets for the whole Purple family, in exchange I’ll be letting you all know what’s going on before and after the event.

Camp Bestival is a family festival, and I know we’re all going to find something we fancy seeing on the line up. I spotted James, and am looking forward to going to ‘sit down’ and watch them (see what I did there?). Mr Purple was pleased to see Gandini Juggling on the line up. I spotted a Horrible Histories show which I’m certain Super Kid will enjoy. I reckon Robo Boy is going to be impressed with the ‘Wall of Death’, and perhaps most excited is Wonder Girl who will surely pop with the excitement of seeing Mr Tumble live!

For more information and to buy tickets and join us at the party you can visit the Camp Bestival website here.  

Mr Tumble, every bit the rock star at last years Camp Bestival

Mr Tumble, every bit the rock star at last years Camp Bestival